New year, new home! Ready for a renovation adventure or are you a first-time buyer? You'll have to make a lot of choices, and some will be easier than others. One of the most important decisions might be the style for your new home. Impermo lists the interior styles for 2020. The choice is yours!


Cottage & country

 In 2020, country is so much more than cowboy hats and Dolly Parton. If you like the cottage style, you create a cosy, warm home that combines light earthy tones with romantic minimalism. Think (varnished) sanded, solid wood mixed with soft materials that are pleasant to touch, such as linen and cotton. Nowadays, the colour chart is no longer limited to white, beige, grey and taupe, but also adds bold cognac and various blue shades such as navy and pastel blue.

This year, the country style is more modern than ever with generous corner benches, chaises longues, cool black, glass ceiling lights and surfaces in massive wood. Impermo wouldn't be Impermo, of course, if we wouldn't discuss the ideal floors for the country style. Depending on what you like, you go for natural stone, marble, concrete look, (ceramic) parquet or (ceramic) bluestone.


Lots of light, sleek lines, a clean feel and a lot of green? That must be a Scandinavian interior! This interior makes creative and functional use of the space and, often, simplicity and a solid, sustainable basis are essential. When you walk into a Scandi interior, you'll often walk on a wooden floor in a light colour, combined with soft, earthy tones such as sands, green, light grey, pastels. Not to mention lots and lots of white!

Totally into Scandinavian? Then you'll love Eames chairs, wicker furniture and a velvet couch in dusty pink.

Industrial & loft

Ubercool! The industrial loft style is all about originality and honesty. With bold materials such as leather, concrete and steel to create an authentic living environment in which large pieces of furniture and robust elements blend seamlessly to complement and even enhance one another. Choose colours such as dark grey, camel and black, and feel free to add some green, because here too, there is room for some plants in the house. Typical of an industrial style is the concrete floor and the polyvalence of the spaces. For example, a loft will rarely have a separate kitchen and rooms often have a double function. A bedroom with a study? Of course!

Modern & minimalist

Less is more. Lovers of minimalist and modern interiors return to the essence of things and relax thanks to the open sense of space and the ample use of light. The indoor-outdoor felling is another typical element, emphasized by ceiling-high windows and continuous tiles in one and the same style and colour. In terms of materials, you should choose a combination of concrete, glass and smooth stucco. In 2020, the trend colours are a surprising greyish green and cognac. 

Add a touch of luxury to your modern home? Head to Impermo and look for a marble tile or one with a marble look, or choose a sleek ceramic parquet. Tiles that look like concrete or XXL tiles also feel at home in a contemporary interior.

Traditional & luxurious

Do you like traditional interiors? A timeless interior where comfort and luxury are paramount? In 2020, this style doesn't only blend elegance and style, but also adds a touch of symmetry and order. Warm wood is combined with modern materials such as marble and cream-coloured details to add cosiness.  Add even more luxury? Work with some golden and silver tones. As far as the floor is concerned, the options are manifold: from natural stone to dark parquet or a modern polished tile. And the marble look tile is also trendy this year.

Or choose a natural, ceramic parquet in a herringbone or chevron pattern.

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