Wood? Or isn't it?

Wood? Or isn't it?

Do you like the warm, natural look of parquet, but are you not sure whether 'real' wood is an option for you? Let alone you know what different types of 'parquet' exist. If it's all getting a bit too much, we are here to help you make the right choice.

Ceramic parquet? The look of wood with the convenience of a ceramic tile.

A beautiful ceramic parquet can only be distinguished from real wood by touching it. The appearance and the structure are often perfect imitations. This is an ideal choice for busy spaces. No danger of moisture or water, stain-resistant and very scratch-resistant. In combination with underfloor heating, you can even match the warm feeling of a real wooden floor.

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Multi-layer parquet? A wood base with a fine finish.

In the case of multi-layered parquet, a top layer of real wood, often oak, is glued on a basis of other types of wood. This gives you perfect the look of wood but with less movement. The cost price is considerably lower than that of a solid parquet. Unlike solid parquet, you can perfectly combine this with underfloor heating without much loss of efficiency. In most cases, multilayer parquet can be glued directly to the screed or installed in a floating position, provided that it is glued in the tongue and groove or float-mounted without glueing if click-system.

Solid parquet? For people looking for added value.

Do you like natural products and are you a fan of the unique view of wooden boards? Then you have to choose solid wood. The final colour can be determined by the stain, or the colour of the oil or wax with which you treat the parquet. But keep in mind that the colour changes through the years. Solid parquet can best not be installed floating, because the wooden boards move. In the case of solid parquet, a subfloor of mosaic parquet is often placed first to absorb the strong effect of the solid parquet. The total construction is thicker than with composite parquet and it is not recommended to combine this with underfloor heating.

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Laminate? Budget-friendly imitation

Laminate gives you the cosy look of parquet but in a budget-friendly way. An ideal solution for, for example, bedrooms. Laminate has different finishing levels that determine wear resistance and water resistance. Our laminate has a click system which makes it easy to place yourself without glueing.

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