TERRACE - Timeless living with natural stone

Natural stone is a natural and sustainable product that is resistent to the weather thanks
to its hardness. Combine this with the elegance and the timeless character of bluestone 
and you have a beautiful must-have for your terrace.


If you are looking for a natural stone with the perfect price quality ratio, Beijing Bluestone is your perfect match. Typical of the Chinese natural stone are the circles in the relief, something you don't find in the Vietnamese or Belgian varieties. Just like other natural stone, you can fit this stone full of character, both inside and outside. Ideal if you want to have one and the same tile indoors and outdoors.


The Hanoi Bluestone, with origins in Vietnam, is available in different colours and sizes. Characteristic of the Vietnamese natural stone are the white veins in the relief, thanks to which the Vietnamese bluestone is very similar to the natural stone of Belgian origin. This classy bluestone is a timeless foundation for your terrace. In addition, you can also fit it perfectly around your swimming pool, because it also comes in border stones.


The Belgian Bluestone has a beautiful natural hue in which you find white veins, but also fossils of shells and snails. These tiles are available with straight and aged edges. That makes them extremely suitable for both contemporary and country homes.


After some rain, stains in your terrace with bluestone will often have disappeared. Still got a stubborn stain? With our tips for a spring-cleaning, the solution is at hand.
It is perfectly possible to you fit your terrace in bluestone yourself. Ready to fit your own terrace? Attend a demo workshop where our technical experts will advise you on how to fit your dream terrace.

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