TERRACE - Wood looks to love

Do you like a natural and authentic look? Wooden terraces fit in perfectly with the natural
surroundings in your garden. However, because of the intensive maintenance and the
moisture sensitivity, wood is not an ideal material in terms of durability. The solution?
Ceramic tiles with a wood look.


Only the feeling of ceramic tiles is different from the feel of real wood. They are available in a multitude of colours and the look and structure are almost perfect imitations that are indistinguishable from a real wooden floor. In addition, thanks to ceramic parquet, you can have the same tiles inside and outside. The result is an extra sleek effect, completely in line with the latest trends!


Ceramic terrace tiles are compressed under a lot of pressure and then baked at high temperatures. Because of this, they maintain their original colour for years and they don't become grey, which is the case of real wood. A ceramic tiles won't get scratches, which makes them extremely durable, allowing you to enjoy your terrace in the sun for years and years.


Do you want to celebrate the nice weather with a fun barbecue? Go right ahead! Stains can’t penetrate a ceramic tile, so you can easily remove them.

Is there some moss on your floor? A small spring cleaning will take care of it! Moreover, you won't get any moss in between the grooves, so the surface won't get slippery when it's wet outside.

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