Trends 2017 - new collection at Impermo

Finally, the trends that our buyers have noticed at the trade fairs are available in our showrooms. Come take a look and be inspired!

Just like the real thing!

Thanks to the latest digital techniques, perfect, natural-looking imitations can now be made in ceramic materials. We have known ceramic parquet for a while. New are now the different formats that make it perfectly possible to cover a wall. Wood structure in the bathroom? It is now possible!  

In addition to wood, we naturally also find natural stone imitations and even concrete looks that can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. 

Go for texture

Textile structures in ceramic tiles are very fashionable nowadays. Tiles with the appearance of fabrics were the trend on all fairs last fall. Of course, we follow the trends closely and we have a nice collection available. Our showrooms have burlap or linen in beautiful large formats. A cosy, warm effect which is also super maintenance friendly. You shouldn't doubt! 

Timeless chic

Never went away and now completely back: marble! If you want class and charisma, then resolutely go for marble. A perfect ceramic imitation or a real natural stone carrara make it possible to turn any bathroom or kitchen into a gem. Unique is our Cararra Grey White Mix Napolitano: a natural stone top layer glued on a ceramic base. Due to the dimensional stability, you can place this with fine joints, directly glued to the screed. So perfectly combinable with underfloor heating.

Trendy herringbone

Definitely experiment with herringbone! By placing tiles in a herringbone pattern, you immediately create a fun and playful effect. A beautiful accent in herringbone or even a complete wall? It takes some extra time for the placement, but the result is stunning! Bold and beautiful! 

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