We regularly highlight various tile collections, floor tips and interior design trends. But what do the sales consultants from the showrooms think of our home ideas? They’re surrounded by tiles every day, but what are their top favourites? Which tiles and designs do they come back to again and again?

First up is Sigrid, shop manager of Sint-Truiden. She mostly chooses modern tiles, but underlines as well the options in terms of combinations, detailing and styles.

1. The concrete look for the minimalistic home

Sigrid kicks off with a greige ceramic floor tile from the Subway collection. All tiles in this collection have a soft concrete look and completely solid colour, as does his/her favourite variant, the Tilestone Subway Crete Mink.

"That solid-coloured body means that the colour is fully baked into the tile, making the tile hard-wearing. This makes the Subway collection a high-quality solution, but which is also budget-friendly and easy to maintain"

So this ceramic tile ticks quite a few boxes. And it turns out to be a big favourite not only for our shop manager, but also for our customers.

"The concrete look is very popular, especially with people with a minimalistic home. The Subway tile is available in three colour variants, so there is something for everyone. The matt surface with its subtle structure is also quite an asset. This makes the tile easy to maintain, it doesn’t show dirt and the result is even more special with backlighting. In addition, the edges of this ceramic tile have been rectified, resulting in a very narrow joint. Use a tone-on-tone joint colour and you have an excellent alternative to a real poured concrete floor."

2. A ceramic parquet floor: minimalistic and balanced

People with minimalistic tastes especially love Tilestone Canada Oak. But this ceramic parquet also matches perfectly with other interior styles. Sigrid:

"The XL planks characterize this ceramic parquet floor. Combined with the narrow, inconspicuous joint, you get the effect of real parquet. Furthermore, Canada Oak has a very sleek appearance. The uniform shading and the oak colour bring warmth into an interior, without being overbearing. That's a nice balance that many customers are looking for.

3. Mix & match

Sometimes you create the ultimate effect through the interplay of different tiles. For example, according to Sigrid, this is what happens when one of the pattern tiles from the Paul & Jane collection is placed next to the Neutra Nordic Blue Glossy wall tile.

"The Paul & Jane Derby pattern tile is my favourite of the entire collection of pattern tiles. I often recommend Paul & Jane especially in combination with a nice fresh wall tile, such as Neutra Nordic Blue Glossy. That mix & match thing appeals to many people's imagination. You not only choose your patterns, colours and sizes, but also the laying pattern of the wall tile: straight, half-brick and even herringbone are among the possibilities.

4. Terrazzo for every bathroom

Finally, an absolute favourite that also tops the 2020 tile trends: the ceramic floor tile, Terrazzo Rain.

"The tile is very popular with people looking for a playful touch in their modern bathroom. The tiles have also turned out to be a good match for more vintage, or even industrial interiors. For a darker result, the tile is also available with a light grey base. So it's a tile full of character that you can do a lot with."

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