5 budget hacks for freshening up your home at a low cost

A change of scenery is always lovely: sometimes, you're just up for something else. Freshening up your interior not always implies massive renovations. With these tips for a small budget, you can do your own mini-makeover, and afterwards, it feels like you come home to a brand-new house. 

Trend colours of 2019

Paint your walls in a modern trend colour. At Impermo, we rely on the expertise of the well-known Danish paint brand Flexa and the American colour institute Pantone. This year, Flexa chose Spiced Honey, an earthy tone that gives your interior a relaxed and refined atmosphere: for an elegant kitchen or a peaceful bedroom, for example. Prefer something more energetic? Pantone selected Living Coral as the Colour of the Year 2019. Use this vital and soft colour as the basis of a fresh interior that oozes energy.

Change your lighting plan

You can create more or different light in two ways: with lighting, such as spots and smart lighting, or by playing with natural light. Both methods allow you to go wild in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. But having a spotlight system or a floor lamp in your bathroom can be awkward or expensive. It's better to go for white shades that reflect the daylight. With ceramic wall tiles, you open up the space and create new life in your bathroom.

Plant power

You can never go wrong with new plants. They purify the air in the house, give a unique, natural touch to your interior and radiate tranquillity. A fresh bunch of flowers also works wonders to change your interior. After all, interior design is not just about the looks: with the scents of all that greenery, it not only looks fresher, it also smells a lot better.

A different finish

Fabrics and materials such as plaids, cushion covers, carpets, tablecloths or curtains are the icing on the cake. Try to have one single theme for your textiles and other decoration. You can also use the above tips as a starting point: choose a trend colour, go for botanical green or keep it simple and light with shades of white.

A new atmosphere with a new floor

A new floor can provide a real change of scenery. With the VYGO vinyl floor from Impermo, you can now install a floor on a small budget. VYGO is the ideal renovation product: easy to install with a click system for any type of surface, even or uneven. Because of the authentic look and feel in both the pattern and the structure of the floor, you enjoy the warm appearance of wood.

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