5 tips to keep your cool this summer!

How do you keep your house and floor cool in summer? Good ventilation ensures a constant supply of fresh air. At the same time, it must remove the polluted, moist indoor air. But how do you do this in summer? Impermo gives you five tips to keep your cool this summer!

Ban the sun

A floor made of materials such as ceramics and natural stone conduct heat well and contribute to a fresh environment. You can also ban the sun by keeping all curtains, blinds and shutters closed during the day. Especially the bedroom must remain dark so you can sleep in a cool environment. Do you like to get up with natural sunlight? Then you have two options: buy a wake-up light that mimics sunlight when you want to wake up. Or apply a protective layer on your windows that filters UV radiation and limits the heat but allows light to pass through.

Night cooling

Ever heard of night cooling? In schools, offices and other public buildings where a lot of light and energy is used, it can sometimes get uncomfortably hot in the summer. To keep costs as low as possible and yet to regulate temperatures in an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious way, more and more companies are opening their windows at night, based on digital automation or smart buildings and networking. Of course, you can easily apply the same principle at home: open the windows at night (don't forget your insect screen!). Do you have solid parquet at home? Then optimum ventilation is all the more important! It expands in summer. Fortunately, this is not such a problem with multi-layer parquet, because the various wood layers are glued in parallel. This makes it more stable, allowing for a floating installation. Do you still need coolness? By ventilating at night or investing in smart window systems, such as solar control glass, you keep your house and floor cool.

In the long-term

Are you in need of a renovation or a fresh makeover? Start with good insulation that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Also good to know: in Belgium, you're entitled to different subsidies if you decide to insulate your home. A long-term plant investment also pays off: exterior vegetation on the walls and trees or shrubs in the garden provide shade and protect your home from the heat. Do you have a flat or slightly sloping roof? Look into the possibilities of a green roof: ecological, aesthetic and insulating!

Turn off your equipment as mush as possible 

Some devices in your house consume a lot of electricity and therefore give off heat. This heat is retained, certainly during the day. So think twice before you use the oven in the morning to heat up your sandwiches and use as few lamps as possible. That may not seem like much, but if you add up all the heat released, it saves more than you think. You can also disconnect as many devices as possible from the charger or switch them off completely: this also reduces your energy consumption!

Fan hacks

Last but not least: can you stand a little heat? Or have you already taken these tips to heart long ago? Are you more than satisfied with a fan? Then we also give you some fan hacks that will eliminate that expensive and climate-unfriendly air conditioner! By placing a damp cloth over the fan, the cold water is evaporated by the projected air and accelerates the temperature drop in your room. You can also do this with one (or two) frozen bottle(s) of water. You can also place a fan in a window or doorway in the evening for a constant supply of fresh air between outside and inside or between different rooms.

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