BATHROOM - XL shower tray

Innovative and brand new: the shower tray with built-in drain system and matching
ceramic tile. Optimal placement and ease of maintenance guaranteed.

The ceramic Showertray Shape Cement shower tray is completely new in its kind. This large shower tray of 135x90cm contains a completely integrated drain system. Very easy to install and to maintain.
Place the shower tray level in width, but with a 3mm slope in length. This creates a slope to discharge the water to the drain system. It is important no puddled water remains after showering, in order to avoid calcium.

The concrete look of Showertray Shape Cement will surprise you with its natural and contemporary look. Do you like uniformity in your bathroom? Combine the large-size shower tray with the matching Tilestone Shape Cement ceramic tile. The result is a sleek bathroom with an industrial look.

The ceramic shower tray is very easy to clean. Regular maintenance with Lithofin KF Sanitary Cleaner makes sure your bathroom stays wonderfully clean. This product removes calcium, grease and soap and it's easy to rinse using water, without leaving residue.

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