Bring spring inside and cosiness outside

Spring is a delightful and sunny time. But how do you bring that spring atmosphere indoors and how do you take the cosiness of indoors outside? What do you think of the same tile for indoors and outdoors? It creates a uniform whole and expands the feeling of spaciousness. With the same tile for indoors and outdoors, you are also following the ultimate trend of 2019. Impermo is happy to play a role in this, of course.

Tip: patio tiles must meet qualitative and other requirements that are different than indoor tiles. Impermo has a solution for this! With us, you will find a series of tiles that are available in an indoor and outdoor variant. Want to participate in the latest new trends? Now you can!

Building and renovating together
Using a living room or kitchen tile for your patio too: the concept is not yet pervasive but is gaining in popularity. You get the feeling that you are outdoors with the cosiness of indoors. With our Tilestone Core concrete-look tile, you give your interior and patio some extra punch with a sleek appearance. Tip: renovating your living room or kitchen? Freshen up your patio and opt for your favourite tiles.

A combination of your dreams
The look of nature stone and the ease of maintenance of a ceramic tile? With the nature stone look of our ceramic tile, Tilestone Century Grey, you bring nature indoors. Because the tile is also frost-, stain- and scratch-resistant, the tile is also great for your patio. In this way, your patio and indoor tiles create a harmonious whole.

The forest in your backyard
Ceramic parquet is also in our indoor-outdoor series. Ceramic parquet is a maintenance-friendly and natural option for indoors and outdoors. With the wood look of our Tilestone Grove Nature you will find yourself in nature, even if you live in the city.

This is how you can bring more nature into your home
Impermo does more than indoor and outdoor tiles and ceramic parquet. Would you like to integrate nature into your interior even more? Our Recycled Teak Wood Cladding wood strips bring the warmth and cosiness of nature wood inside. This is how you combine the latest new trends and design with a natural feeling!