Bring the spring in and the cosiness out

Spring is in full swing, and we all enjoy those first, pleasant sunny days. Do you love tanning, or do you prefer sitting in the shade? If you really want to enjoy your time outside, turn your terrace into a real resort. That's particularly convenient now that we'll probably be spending our holiday in our own garden. But how do you bring that spring atmosphere into your home? And how do you ensure that the cosiness inside is also present in your garden?

The inside-outside tiles of Impermo

At Impermo, we found the ideal way to connect the indoors and the outdoors. With our inside-outside tiles, you not only create unity, but you also increase the sense of space. So, does that mean you can't use the same tiles inside and outside? Well, unfortunately not, as a terrace tile must be frost-resistant and at least 2cm thick. Otherwise, it will undoubtedly crack the first winter. That's why Impermo developed a range of tiles that exist in two variants: one for inside and one for outside. Do you love the look of bluestone? Then Tilestone CerBlue Grey is guaranteed to steal your heart. 

Anyone who's a fan of the concrete look is set at Impermo because Tilestone Beton Grey is also available as a 2cm terrace tile. A nice plus is the XL size of 100 x 100 cm, which gives an additional space-enhancing effect. 

Do you love wood? Do you like showing off original pieces? Then Tilestone Grove is exactly what you're looking for. This inside-outside tile may look like wood, but in reality, it's a ceramic terrace tile with the ease of maintenance Mr Clean would definitely approve of. The warm, beige wood drawing with knots is ideally suited to the surface structure, which, by the way, ensures that you don't slip in the rain. Are you a real daredevil when it comes to your home? Would you prefer a real luxury floor, but at a budget price? Tilestone Pietra Ceppo combines the convenience of a ceramic tile with the authenticity of Italian limestone with pebble fragments of rock, commonly known as ceppo di gre. The best of both worlds, right?

To the range

Need more inspiration? Discover the full range of indoor-outdoor tiles by Impermo.

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