The tiling trends of the moment

At Impermo, we love interior design and we regularly visit trade fairs to get up to speed with all new trends and insights. Curious about what we particularly like this season? Want to get to know the favourites of our trendwatchers? Here's what we have in store for you.

Eclectic floors

We see more and more interiors with alternating materials and colours. You can even create an eclectic look on one and the same tile. The terrazzo tile combines stylish marble remains with rich hues. The different sizes and shapes of these marble granules determine the uniqueness of this tile. Do you choose black, white, grey or rather a colour? Anything goes! By using colour pigments, it is possible to produce terrazzo tiles in a range of different colours.

Minimalism was the way to go in the interior world for a long time but next season, things can be a bit messier. Forget Marie Kondo and her smart tricks and show that your home is a place where you actually live.

  • Ceramic terrazzo floor tiles for 100% ease of maintenance
  • A speckled counter on top of a minimalist kitchen 
  • Accessories in terrazzo, such as flowerpots, trays and bathroom items

Hello, sunshine

Warm tiles and floors make sure that the sun also shines indoors. Hand-crafted clay tiles such as zelliges come to their own in the bathroom or provide a warm touch in your kitchen. The clay used as a raw material for these wall tiles comes from Fez, the absolute Moroccan capital of ancient crafts. Here, zelliges have been produced for centuries using the same manual process.

And, of course, you combine it with other accessories from the Moroccan souks. Such as a kelim or a collection of beautiful cacti, effortlessly creating that unique interior you've been craving.

  • Moroccan hand-crafted wall tiles like zelliges.
  • Hot terracotta tones
  • Charming bohemian decoration

Natural elements

Natural materials are still very present. Limestone, like the Italian ceppo di gre, is a perfect example. Ceppo di gre was already mined in different quarries in Italy in Roman times. Today, this natural stone is still a high-quality product, but Egyptian limestone with light-grey fossils such as Margaux is also the result of a natural process. The surface finish of this unique natural product determines its final appearance.

Other natural elements, such as linen, many plants, wood and wicker have been a trend for a long time. And they're here to stay.

  • Authentic natural stone, such as limestone or marble
  • Warm, sustainable woods
  • Cooler sand and nude tones 

Think big

The standard size for a ceramic tile (60 by 60cm) is still a popular choice. But if you really see things big, you choose extra-large tiles (up to 120 by 240cm for ceramic wall plates). The feeling of space also creates a luxury atmosphere, ideal for the bathroom, which is increasingly seen as a wellness space. If you also choose a tile that runs from floor to wall, the harmony is complete.

  • The XXL white carrara marble tile with grey grains
  • Floor to wall and walk-in shower
  • Premium, luxurious and harmonious!
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