DIY - A waterproof walk-in shower

Do you also want to go for a walk-in shower without a step? A walk-in shower offers many
advantages and has gained popularity in recent years. But how do you make a walk-in
shower waterproof?

When installing a walk-in shower, it is important to protect the walls against penetrating moisture. To do this, you need to place a waterproofing membrane between the walls and the tiles.

The Tilestone System Dry waterproofing membrane consists of a 100% waterproof cloth that is coated on both sides with a special fleece, making sure both the glue and the tiles adhere well to it. The Tilestone System Dry membrane can be used everywhere where the substrate of walls and floors must be protected against the infiltration of moisture and other harmful substances. To make it easier to seal the corners of your shower, you can also work with moulded inner corners of waterproof membrane.


  • The substrates must always be dry, flat, stable and free of cracks.
  • Remove dust (by vacuuming).
  • Remove traces of maintenance products, grease, oils and cement.
  • Remove peeling paint.


  1. Cut the Tilestone System Dry Corner or membrane to the right size using scissors or a knife before starting work.
  2. Apply the glue to the substrate with a 3x3 trowel. The glue to apply the Tilestone System Dry membrane must be high-performance flex tile glue, such as Tilestone Ecoflex. You can't use ready-to-use paste glue.
  3. Place the membrane in the freshly applied glue. Press the strips into the glue with the flat side of a trowel or a notch trowel. Avoid trapped air, wrinkles or excess glue and make sure you get a contact surface of 100%.
  4. Make sure there's an overlap of at least 5cm between the strips.
  5. For inside corners, use the Tilestone System Dry preformed corners.
  6. Glueing the tiles. After a drying time of 48h, you can glue the tiles without prepping the surface. Use a power tile adhesive that is tailored to the size and characteristics of your tiles.


Another essential element of your walk-in shower is the Tilestone Smart Drain. This drain with pre-glued waterproofing membrane is simple, flexible and amazingly easy to install.

The essence of simplicity. The stainless steel design grate creates a sleek effect in your bathroom.
Flexible in length and height. You only need an installation height of 54mm and the Tilestone Smart Drain is available in different lengths. (70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm) for tiles between 3 and 30mm thick.
Easy to fit. You can easily install a waterproof walk-in shower yourself, making it an accessible option.
Easy to clean. The removable syphon, the hair drain and the soap reduction block ensure that the Tilestone Smart Drain is easy to clean.

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