DIY - Remove calcium deposits on ceramic tiles

Bacteria and calcium deposits just love the water in the bathroom.
To ensure your bathroom stays spic and span, we have a few tips to prevent calcium on
ceramic tiles for you. Can't keep calcium deposits out of your house? Here are a few
cleaning tips to remove all calcium from your joints and bathroom fixtures.

Prevention is better than cure! After showering, dry off the shower itself and the tiles with an (old) towel. This will keep the joints and the tiles clean and prevents calcium deposits on your faucets and pipes.
Do you still have calcium on your tiles, despite all precautions? Remove them using hot water and a dash of vinegar. To clean the joints, make a mixture of diluted bleach. Let it sit for a while and rinse it thoroughly. It's also a good idea to regularly clean the showerhead with some cleaning vinegar. Can't disconnect it? Tie a plastic bag with cleaning vinegar to the showerhead. Your bathroom will be perfectly clean, and ready for you to enjoy!

Remember to ventilate while showering. This will give dirt no chance, and your joints and tiles will stay clean. Excess moisture also leads to mould on your ceiling and walls. Do you want to fight this as much as possible? Ultracolor plus grout is a cement-based grout that fights fungi and mould.

Lithofin KF Sanitary Cleaner is the perfect tool for the regular maintenance of wet rooms. This product removes calcium, grease and soap and it's easy to rinse using water, without leaving residue behind.

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