DIY – Patio construction under the spring sun

Spring has begun all over the country and so have delicious moments in the sun on your patio. You’re totally ready for this, right? But your patio isn’t? Does your patio need a spring cleaning, or do you not have a patio yet? Spring into action and easily build your own patio with these DIY tips. Because when you build a patio, there are several factors that may affect the construction of your exterior floor.


Would you like your patio to stand the test of time and survive the cold Belgian winter? Of course, you don’t want your tiles and grout to get dislodged after just a few years. The cause of this is often water that finds a way between the joints under the tiles. The solution? A draining patio construction.

Step 1: dig out the soil at least 40 cm.

Step 2: place a draining stone layer. Vibrate the stone layer with a vibration plate. This is an important step you must not skip.

Step 3: next, place a layer of no fines concrete or thin concrete and vibrate this layer with the vibration plate too.

Step 4: place the concrete with a slope gradation of 1.5% removed from the house. This is important for the drainage of the water. Let the concrete dry and cure for 28 days.

Step 5: did you opt for a ceramic tile? Use Tilestone Ecoflex Ultra to apply double glue. For a patio tile made of nature stone, you can choose Tilestone Ecoflex Ultra or white mortar. 


Because concrete is not very porous, water tends to stay on it. This increases the risk of your patio freezing during the winter months. Would you like to prevent this? Ensure that there is sufficient water drainage.

Step 1: first, roll out a drainage mat on the concrete foundation. Please note: do not glue it. 

Step 2: Next. Lay an enforced concrete layer, at least 5 cm thick with a slope of at least 1.5 cm per metre. Ensure that this slope runs away from the house, so that the water flows away from your house without any problems.

Step 3:did you opt for a ceramic patio tile ? Use Tilestone Ecoflex Ultra to apply double glue. You didn’t choose a ceramic tile, but you opted for a tile made of natural stone? You can also opt for a layer of white mortal to install the tiles. 

NIK – technical expert Impermo

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