A fresh interior with these spring trends for 2019

Spring is just around the corner. The perfect opportunity to freshen up your interior. A personal touch or a quirky accent wall in your favourite wall tile? It transforms your interior and gives your home an energy boost! A successful transformation? That's something you do with the help of Impermo. Floor tiles, wall tiles, parquet, natural stone: give your home an injection of life with a touch of design following the latest spring trends.

Mix and match away 
Bye-bye, uniform floor and wall tiles! Use your creativity and combine all possible shapes, types and colours. It will give your home a personal touch and adds dynamism to your interior. The result? A unique combination you won't find anywhere else. However, it does require some guts! 

Impermo is on-trend: Sequoia Mix, Pastilles Mix Glossy, Venice Beach Pebbles

Pastilles Mix Glossy

Blues and clays, the big winners of 2019 
In 2019, pastel shades are breaking through, but some golden oldies are still going strong. Mustard yellow and cobalt blue, the bestsellers of last year, now welcome sage green, sweet pink, lilac, peach and other pastel and terracotta colours. Especially old pink clay makes an entry and immediately knocks violet of its throne. This pinky clay must share its throne with all shades of blue, however. 

Impermo is on-trend: Majolica Soft Green, Salsa Santiago, Tilestone Bolton Grey

Shine bright like a diamond 
A coat of gloss here, a splash of gloss there: metallics and chrome are still present in our homes this year. A mirror reflection in your wall and floor tiles gives your interior an open and spacious look. This look is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen, because in 2019, more is more. Mirror mirror on the wall, your mirror tiles give you the trendiest interior of the country.

Impermo is on-trend: Neutra Cool Grey Glossy, Cherie Graphite Glossy, Chevron White Glossy

Cherie Graphite GlossyChevron White Glossy

The industrial concrete look 
Industrial interiors are back. And how better to introduce this look into your home than with concrete? It is unique, clean and especially easy to maintain. Would you like something different than standard tiles or parquet? This year is the perfect time to choose the concrete trend.

Impermo is on-trend: Tilestone Industrial Carbon, Energy Grey, Tilestone Atelier Clay Relie

Tilestone Industrial CarbonEnergy GreyTilestone Atelier Clay Relief

Bring the outside inside and vice versa 
Spring is the most blissful time of the year! Fresh leaves on the trees, blossoms, singing birds and of course, the delicious sun on our faces! This year, our interior also looks at nature. Bring the inside outside and extend your living room tiles to the terrace to create a harmonious effect. This year, we also bring the outside inside. Clays, natural materials and especially natural stone and wood connect your interior with nature. The result? Inner peace at home with a touch of nature. 

Impermo is on-trend: Recycled Teak Wood Cladding 2cm, Tilestone Blue Stone Dark, LMB Classic Landscape White

Recycled Teak Wood Cladding 2 cmTilestone Blue Stone DarkLMB Classic Landscape White

Terrazzo at a higher level 
The seventies are back. Back then, terrazzo was a must in all interiors. Today, the speckled granite is gaining popularity once again, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Terrazzo is on the rise, and not only when it comes to floor and wall tiles. Fun gadgets such as mugs, candlesticks, candles and other decorating items get a terrazzo makeover. 

Impermo is on-trend: Terrazzo Mix, Terrazzo Antracite, Twist Off Road

Terrazzo MixTerrazzo Antracitetwist off road

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