A retro interior? You can do it like this!

Retro has made a big comeback, primarily as a highly individual touch in your interior. Curved shapes, warm colours like orange and red, and busy patterns; take your pick! There is lots of room for mixing and matching things into a cosy blend of old and new. Are you a fan too? Give your home a nostalgic flavour with tips from Impermo below. 

Cheerful wallflowers 
Whether you opt for wall tiles or wallpaper, the main thing is that it’s colourful. The signature retro colours are bright orange, shades of ochre, khaki green and bright red, but other colours are great too! Go all the way with a busy print full of symmetrical patterns or colourful flowers. Be sure to do only one complete wall with the busy print, so that you are still creating an open space feel. For the other walls, it’s better to choose a more neutral, complementary tint. 

Dynamic floors 
A retro floor that gives your home a more dynamic feel without making it too busy? Your best bet is to opt for one type of tile, with a print that you use in only one room. It’s even better to use only pattern tile per floor, or it may look messy and we don’t want that! For example, you could opt for the stylish Blend Coral in the bathroom or the beautiful Paul & Jane Belle Epoque Manoir for the bedroom, both by Impermo

Unique furniture 
Characteristic for retro furniture are the curved shapes, soft lines and unique materials: dark – varnished or unvarnished – wood, suede, leather, etc. If you want a genuine pièce unique in your living room or bedroom, you can visit a few antique or vintage shops. However, these days, you can also find fun new retro in the popular furniture stores. For example, a nice sofa with velour or corduroy upholstery in a wood frame, rattan pieces, or pottery. 

Nostalgic accessories 
When we say retro, we don’t necessarily think of industrial lamps, hardy little plants like cacti and succulents, colourful rugs and dishes with colour prints. A record player is certainly a must-have. Whether you’re off to the rummage sale, looking for your style, or you just go to the mall, don’t think too much about what fits together and just buy what you like! 

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