Do you have an empty corner in your bedroom, living room or kitchen? Use it! Even the smallest spaces can be used to the full. But how do you get started? Impermo gives you tips for the cosiest corners: for every moment of the day and with every budget.


For those who enjoy the silence

Sometimes, you just want to crash somewhere without a television, laptop or smartphone in sight. A corner where you can read, listen to some music and retreat from the world. Did you know that the ultimate hiding place has the right balance between light and dark? Candles and other light sources with the same warm light create a cosy atmosphere. Yet, they are not always handy when reading. That's why many floor lamps have two light sources: one for indirect light and one for direct light, a reading light that spreads white light. Cushions, plaids and a comfortable chair make your hideout complete and winterproof.

For the early birds

Finish some last-minute work? Pay the bills? Prepare your weekly planning? A multifunctional breakfast corner is key to a productive morning. Go for a wooden bench and a round table so you can efficiently multitask but still keep the cosy look you like. The best tip for an intimate dining area that feels clean and tidy? Hang a custom-made shelf on the wall. To start the day really healthily, you need to have natural light. Don't you have any windows near your breakfast corner? This post tells you how to get in as much light as possible.


For creative souls

Why choose one space when you have several? This is the perfect solution for corners that are just a tiny bit too small and where you can unleash your creativity. How about a corner dedicated to art that you redesign over and over again with new drawings, picture frames or other works of art? Or use magnetic or chalk paint to make a play area for the children. And last but not least: go for plenty of green! By using this corner only for plants, your space still looks groomed and works as a beautiful eye-catcher.

For the floor

The look & feel of wood is unconquered. Thanks to the contemporary wooden design, VYGO vinyl floors have a warm and familiar look. The hues in the wood, the life-like knots and the refined wood structure give every space an original personality. Or go for the ceramic parquet Tilestone Nordic Oak. The warm, rustic design with saw lines is very well suited to creative corners, whereas the XXL shelf length stimulates the feeling of space. And for fans of the real deal, there is LMB Prime Polar, a multi-layered slightly rustic parquet with a top layer of European oak.

Of course, the above tips can be combined. Make your breakfast corner a space to work and provide extra storage space in the sitting area. Or combine both by matching two chairs and side tables. Want to get started straight-away? Good luck!

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