Laura’s Impermo moment

Want to live like your interior is straight from Pinterest? Everything perfect to the last detail, a colour palette that follows the latest trends and furniture that looks like it was picked from a trendy catalogue with a touch of DIY. That pretty much describes Laura Bertone’s interior, thanks to her penchant for interior and all that is beautiful.

Who is Laura?

Laura has multiple interests. She graduated as a kindergarten teacher, after which she found her passion in photography. She worked for Nikon for a while, but currently goes to the offices of communication agency DDB in Brussels every day. In addition to her work, she enjoys looking for interior ideas on Pinterest and likes to share her experiences on her well-filled Instagram account.

Renovating the Bertone home

For the past year and the half, Laura and her husband have been living in their renovated home, which was built in 1969 and which they renovated over for the past year a half. The renovation did not always go smoothly, Laura admits. “First, we lived on top for a while, without a kitchen and we had no windows all winter. There was just a layer of plastic between us and outside. The most difficult part of the renovation was not the work itself, but living in the renovation, amongst the dust. But once the rough work is behind you and you’re happy with your home, you don’t think about that part anymore.”

Make your own choices and enjoy

“I was really looking forward to renovating and being able to choose and design everything. I was looking for ideas on Pinterest a lot. I can even say that I’m already feeling that itch again. New ideas that are in fashion are constantly popping up and then you want to make some changes. But I am really satisfied with the choices I have made.”

Wood adds a sense of warmth

“For our floor in the living room, we opted for genuine parquet from Impermo. We also considered ceramic tiles, but that seemed a lot less warm than parquet. I wanted to add some rustic touches to the house and this floor was perfect for that. I also hesitated to get a slightly darker parquet, but I didn’t like any other parquet as much as this one, so that’s what I finally opted for. I have had no regrets.”

Eucalyptus is a cement tile

“One of my favourite colours in my interior is eucalyptus green. Because it looks so fresh, I wanted it in our hall. But I also wanted something different from an ordinary tile. At Impermo we found exactly what we were looking for; a simple cement tile with an attractive motif in eucalyptus green. Every time I enter the hall after a heavy workday, I immediately feel at home and I’m happy with my tiles. I get a lot of compliments on my cement tiles and they’re always nice to hear.”

Marble in the kitchen

In the kitchen, Laura opted for a splash wall in marble mosaic. “The marble tiles are not always easy to clean, but beauty is very important to me. I’m not the messiest cook anyway, so I don’t need to compromise for something that is easy to maintain.”

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