How should you maintain your vinyl floor?

A vinyl floor is very maintenance-friendly, but there are a few points of attention that you should take into account. We are happy to explain how you can keep your floor in top-notch shape.

The first cleaning after installation  

Unlike tiles or parquet, a vinyl floor requires no special treatment after installation. The only thing that really matters is that you should immediately remove any plaster and other residues. Start by briefly vacuuming and then clean the floor with a wet microfibre cloth. Start out with clean water, without any cleaner.  

Unable to remove the residue? Then add some Master Cleaner to the water. This powerful cleaner from Impermo removes dirt and residue, strengthens the surface and ensures that the floor is more resistant to liquids. An ideal maintenance product for vinyl floors that regularly require cleaning, such as in the kitchen or living room.

Weekly maintenance 

Just like the first clean, the weekly maintenance of your vinyl floor requires little effort. Dust can easily be removed with a microfibre cloth or with the vacuum cleaner. Is all the dust gone? Go over your floor again with a damp mop. Make sure not to wet the floor too much and that no water remains on the floor. If you want to be absolutely sure, go over it again with a dry mop. A deep clean on the agenda or having some guests over? Feel free to add some Master Cleaner to the water. 

Quarterly maintenance 

They say a vinyl floor is the ideal family floor because it is so resistant. Nevertheless, it is important that you give your floor some tender loving care a few times a year. It is best to use a maintenance product such as Master Care by Impermo. This product eliminates small scratches, improves durability and protects against wear.

SOS floor assistance 

Of course, something can always go wrong: your dear son spills his drink, or your partner forgets to take off his shoes and takes a lot of dirt inside. Don't immediately fear the worst. Impermo helps you to get your floor back in top condition because there's a solution to every problem. You can easily remove black stripes or stubborn stains with Master Cleaner and prevent discolouration by using only suitable cleaners. Prevent scratches by covering table and chair legs with felt pads. Careful with rubber leg covers because they can cause permanent discolouration. Also, place a doormat at each entrance to keep out up to 70% of dirt. What should you not use? Chemical or corrosive cleaning products because they cause discolouration and a dull appearance.

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