Warm days and high humidity: how does your parquet floor react?

Changes in humidity make your wood floor shrink or expand. That shouldn't be a problem. Because wood is a natural product – a living material – it is used to this. At extreme temperatures, such as a heat wave, there is a greater risk of cracks and deformations. Fortunately, you can better control the humidity with the following tips from Impermo in order to keep your floor in excellent condition.

Dehumidifier vs. air conditioning

Ideally, the air humidity is between 40% and 60%. In summer the air gets drier and humidity increases. With handy tools such as a hygrometer you can always measure the climate at home. Is the humidity too high? Then you can use a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier is very similar to an air conditioner. They both cool the air but do this in a different way.

If air cools down sharply when using an air conditioner, the capacity to contain vapour decreases and the humidity will increase. That's why you should never turn on the air conditioning too hard or for an entire day. It's better to open the window or door completely in the morning, before the heat peak of the day.

Optimal humidity, all year round?

A pleasant climate not only leads to a pleasant living experience. It is also better for your health, sleep and skin. Here are some tips to keep the humidity up all year round for an optimal condition of your floor:

Install extraction fans in the kitchen and bathroom: that is where most fluctuations in humidity occur.

Indoor plants increase humidity and that's especially useful in winter. In summer you should put them outside or in one room to keep the humidity as low as possible.

Fitting a floor? A good start is half the battle.

Choose multi-layer parquet if you choose a wood floor. With multi-layer parquet, a top layer is glued to a stabilised bottom layer, usually consisting of coniferous or sheet material. Thanks to this stability, multi-layer parquet shrinks, expands or warps less due to changes in temperature and humidity.

Have you chosen a floor? Always place a floor in the most ideal conditions. In other words, at a time when the humidity in the room is between 40% and 60% and not on a hot day. Before you start the placement, it is best to let the wood acclimatise for 3 to 7 days in its closed packaging.

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