Ibiza in your garden

If you crave the feeling of summer, you don't necessarily have to jump on an aeroplane and head to a tropical island. With a few large or small adjustments in your own garden, you can imagine yourself in Ibiza. A fresh cocktail in your hand, a cheerful tune in the background and you can almost feel the sand between your toes.

Sunny decor

No holiday feeling without a cosy bar where you enjoy a drink and a snack. And when the bar is connected to your kitchen, it's convenient as well. A tile that can be placed both inside and outside, such as Tilestone Grove, is ideal. Moreover, you also immediately have the coveted wood look under your feet. Finish with some nice bar stools and you're done!

A hammock, a sunbed or a lounge corner are also great ideas. By the way, you can easily create a cosy lounge corner with some basic sense of DIY. A few wooden pallets, large seat cushions on top and finish off with some small colourful decorative cushions.

Finally, we absolutely adore outdoor showers. Installing an infinity pool in our Belgian climate may not be self-evident, but an outdoor shower during a hot weekend is wonderfully cool!

Natural materials and colours

When you think of Ibiza, you naturally think of the white beach bars, finished with natural materials; wood, reed, terracotta... Tilestone Diamond is one of our ceramic terrace tiles but the layered natural stone structure in a warm beige colour gives you a very southern and authentic feel, while maintenance is a breeze.

Thanks to its light grey colour and uniform shade, the Tilestone Rock Light also radiates pure tranquillity, which immediately puts you in a holiday mood .

Tropical details

Large plants and cacti complete the picture. Choose lush hanging plants, a cheerful palm tree, robust cacti and plants in terracotta pots to bring the Ibiza feeling to your own garden.

Don't forget to add some bohemian details. Wooden benches, wicker chairs, Aztec cushions, a colourful outdoor carpet. And now ... Enjoy!

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