CHILDREN'S ROOM - How to choose the right floor?


When choosing a floor for the children's room, there are a number of factors you should take into account. To treat your princess or pirate to the most amazing adventures, you not only have to decide on the budget and the appearance, but also consider maintenance, noise, scratch-resistance and comfort. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to make a choice that will make you happy every single day.


Do you want to avoid cold children's feet? We may be big fans of Frozen, but we prefer things to be warm and cosy. Playing on an icecold floor can spoil the fun! Create a pleasant warm playing area using underfloor heating and ceramic tiles. That's not only warm for the feet, it is also energy-efficient and it saves you space. You will have a lot of extra room where your kids can play away!


A ceramic tile is the easiest thing to clean. Spilled some lemonade? That's fixed in a second! There are ceramic tiles that are virtually non-porous, so that stains can't penetrate the tiles and are easy to clean. Also keep in mind some ceramic tiles are more resistant to scratches and stains than others. The right accompaniment when making your choice, will save you a lot of frustration later on.


The cosiness of a wooden look in the bedroom is unparalleled. Ceramic parquet offers you a vast choice. Just name a colour and/or a size and there's bound to be a matching parquet tile. Laminate creates that same cosy feeling. Its downside? It is not as wear-resistant as a ceramic tile. So if you choose laminate, make sure to pick one that has a high level of scratch-resistance.

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