Spring clean: make your terrace steal the show

Is your terrace as ready as you are to welcome the first rays of sunshine? Or is it more in need of a good spring clean? Here's how to make your terrace BBQ-proof.

Ceramic tiles: through the winter without any worries
A ceramic terrace tile doesn’t suffer from harsh winter weather. The result: even after a cold winter, your terrace still looks fresh and bright. That's because ceramic tiles don't absorb dirt and algae and moss don't really stand a chance either. Do you nevertheless have some green layer or a stubborn stain? Tilestone Intensive Cleaner comes to the rescue. You can use it to clean the tiles and the joints. So, if you want the keep the durability of your ceramic terrace, a mop or a brush combined with a powerful cleaner is your go-to solution for a good spring clean.

Use a power washer? That is usually not such a good idea. It makes the joints porous, allowing dirt to set more easily.

Tiles in bluestone: simply radiant again   
Do you want your bluestone to shine once again now that spring is coming? Easy! Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner is a cleaner for inside and outside and specially designed for cleaning natural stone. This is a lifesaver product for your bluestone, granite and slate.

Granite terrace tiles: spic and span in no time
Granite is the ideal material for your terrace. It looks nice, it is natural and easy to maintain. So how do you give your terrace a good spring clean? Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner is your partner in crime. Just dilute with water and let it sit for a moment on the tiles. All you have to do is scrub it, and your terrace is ready for spring.

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