There's a new trend in the world of tiles: ceramic XXL tiles in luxurious designs such as the marble or concrete look. Ceramic tiles in standard sizes (60x60cm) are still hugely popular, but we see more and more XXL tiles making their impressive appearance. With sizes of 120 by 120cm for floor tiles and 120 by 240cm for wall tiles, these ceramic plates create stunning harmony in the home. They also give your space a luxurious appearance.

Less space, more space

The most significant advantage of large ceramic plates is perhaps that a small space looks larger thanks to the sleek lines and the minimum of joints. This optical illusion makes a room feel much bigger than it really is. An ideal solution for relatively small spaces such as a bathroom for example. You will probably choose the same ceramic plate for both floor and walls, and your home will look decisively harmonious. Relaxing thanks to floor and wall coverings? Yes, you can!

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Combine the marble trend with this new XXL tile trend and choose Ultimate Carrara, white carrara marble with grey veins. Classy, luxurious and harmonious!

Effortless maintenance

Ceramic floor and wall plates have the enormous advantage that they have very few joints because of their large size. This makes the tile very maintenance-friendly and perfect for the bathroom (even in your walk-in shower!). But not only the absence of joints make the plates maintenance-friendly, they are also scratch-, heat-, UV- and acid-resistant. So they can take a beating!

Sleek look&feel

Less is more, which is proven once again by the popularity of XXL ceramic plates. Whether you go for stylish marble or industrial concrete, a floor and walls in ceramic plates give your space a minimalistic vibe. Are you in love with the soft concrete look? Then Ultimate Crete by Impermo has your name written on it. This light-grey XXL plate looks like concrete and beautifully matches black accents and velvet.

Perfect tile work

Are you thinking of placing the ceramic plates yourself? Then we must remind you that this is not an easy job. The placement requires a lot of expertise, custom tools, a certain skill and a lot of patience. Do you want to be sure of perfect tile work? Then rely on a professional tiler.

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