The Scandinavian style is here to stay, and how! It distinguishes itself by its simple shapes and pure colours. The Scandinavians aren't into embellishments and frills. Yet, their interiors radiate warmth and serenity. So, how do they do it? By using natural materials.

Nordic style essentials

With the Nordic style, you're right into the woods. From an oak parquet floor to the smallest piece of decoration - wood always works well in this interior style. Do you not only want to bring the look of the woods into your home, but also the wonderful, fresh scent? Take an afternoon off, loosely arrange some branches in a vase and you're done. Add some warmth - literally - by putting woolen plaids on the sofa. Or put a carpet with a geometric print on the floor so that your feet also stay warm. Finish it off with the well-known round coffee table and you're done.


Have you fallen in love with a particular colour? Tone-on-tone or ton sur ton is the perfect excuse to go all the way. With tone-on-tone, you create a peaceful and stylish effect by combining several colours shades of the same basic colour. It's up to you to decide which colour you want to work with.

If you want to immerse yourself in the Scandinavian style, you choose soft natural colours. You can find beige and brown shades in a variety of materials, textures and fabrics. Natural products are a match made in heaven. The result? Warm minimalism at its best.

Cheerful colour boxes

If you want to play it less safe and add some spark to your tone-on-tone, colour blocking comes to the rescue. Choose a contrasting, eye-catching colour like Pantone's Living Coral. You need a bit of courage for this, but you can also start small by giving the pillows on the couch a bright colour. As long as it stands out!


Nordic tone on tone

Le palace Parisienne

American loft

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