Discover the four main benefits of VYGO

Are you ready for the comeback of vinyl? Forget the vinyl floors of the past: today, they're available in all modern colours and styles. Impermo takes vinyl to a higher level with the wood look (and feel) of VYGO. Discover why VYGO is not only a practical choice but can also be an eye-catcher.


Authentic look & feel

A beautiful wood floor, isn't that everybody's dream? With VYGO, everyone can now enjoy the distinctive and warm look of wood thanks to the natural knots and veins. Although laminate is also available with a wood look, the structure of VYGO is aligned with the drawing, giving the floor an authentic look & feel.


Impressively strong

VYGO is durable and extremely strong. By fusing several layers together, the floor gets a hard core and becomes stronger as a whole. One of those layers is ceramic material. This material increases the density and ensures that the vinyl floors from VYGO are more resistant to water, stains and scratches. The strong top layer of 0.55mm completes the floor. That makes the floor a sustainable investment that you can enjoy for years to come.

The perfect match for your renovation

Gluing is no longer necessary. With a simple click system, you can lay your vinyl floor in no time. This makes the floor an ideal renovation product for any quick make-over. Laying a floor often involves a lot of preparation work. Most VYGO floors have an integrated subfloor so that you can lay it over almost any flat existing floor. Of course, you not only save time, but also costs. With a simple tool kit, every DIY-er is ready for a renovation. Can't wait? Read our blog about laying VYGO here.


Cleaning the floor? It couldn't be easier.

VYGO requires little maintenance. The floor is more resistant to water than, for example, laminate or parquet, so you only need a mop to clean the floor. No expensive cleaning agents, a pH-neutral cleaner is all you need for your weekly routine. Want to know more about maintaining your vinyl floor? Then read our other blog.

Unrivalled ease of maintenance combined with the authentic touch of wood? VYGO combines the best of both worlds for a warm home!

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