3x original with hexagon tiles

Fans of geometry, be warned: only a few can resist hexagon tiles. The aesthetic shapes, playful colours and stylish look make for an original accent in your bathroom and kitchen. And yes, even in your living room, you can work with hexagon tiles! Are you looking for inspiration? We've got you covered!

Colourful and playful hexagon tiles

Clay, bright blue or pink? Choosing will be challenging, as the Kromatika collection comes in no less than 11 colours! Creativity is key because the combinations are sheer endless. How about combining a pink wall tile with a brown hexagonal floor tile? Anything goes! The colourful result comes with a playful honeycomb pattern: your wall, your floor, or both spring to life.

Double lines

You're more of into the 'more is more' school? Have a look at the Meraki collection. On top of the honey pattern of the hexagon tiles, the drawing on the tiles provides an extra line pattern. Place all wall tiles in the same direction for a sleek effect or create clusters of three tiles with all lines starting from one focal point. These hexagon tiles feel right at home in your bathroom and kitchen. Waw!

A stylish and elegant honeycomb pattern

Want to add an extra dash of style to the honeycomb pattern created by your hexagon tiles? DNA collections DNA Pietra Hexagone and DNA Limestone excel in elegance. DNA Pietra Hexagone Calacatta has the appearance of white Calacatta marble with its typical grey veins and rich colour variations. You'll easily recognise the other hexagon tiles from the DNA Pietra collection by their limestone looks, combined with the interplay of natural stone veins.

The DNA Limestone collection also has natural stone looks, but in a larger size: 32 x 36.8 centimetres. Play away with the different variants in taupewhiteanthracite, and grey. What about easy maintenance? Check: these hexagon floor tiles have a light surface structure and a matte finish. Brighten up your bathroom and kitchen, but also your sitting room with these hexagon tiles. DNA Limestone will look brilliant there as well.

To the range

Ready to get started with hexagon tiles at home? Discover our full range here!

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