PARQUET - Warm and cosy

It's cosy, it's sustainable, it comes in all shapes and sizes: we understand why you choose
parquet. Parquet has a warm look and feel. Combine it with underfloor heating, and you
add warmth to your interior. Literally and figuratively.


Multi-layer parquet and underfloor heating are a perfect combo. Multi-layer parquet consists of a top layer glued to a stabilised undercoat, which is made of two, three or more layers. Thanks to this stability, multi-layer parquet shrinks, expands or warps less due to changes in temperature. Moreover, multi-layer parquet is thinner than solid wood, limiting the efficiency loss. Solid parquet is one block of solid wood with tongues and grooves that are added before fitting the floor.


Before fitting the parquet floor, the subfloor must have dried for at least 28 days and you should always respect the WTCB's or the manufacturer's guidelines. When you switch on underfloor heating, there will always be some residual moist. We recommend waiting to fit your floor until the humidity level in the subfloor has decreased to 2% CM (0.3% CM in case of anhydrite floors). Switch off the heating 48 hours prior to fitting the parquet.


Have you chosen your dream parquet? Before you fit it, it's best to let it acclimatise. The wooden boards need between 3 and 7 days to get used to the temperature and the humidity of the space where they will be put.

The temperature shouldn't be lower than 10°C or higher than 20°C. The relative humidity level should be between 40% and 55%. You can easily check these values using a hygrometer. Are the values too low? To regulate humidity, you can use a humidifier. These devices evaporate water to increase humidity in the air. Definitely recommended in combination with underfloor heating!

(bron: WTCB)


In order to optimise the heat supply, it is not recommended to combine a floating parquet with underfloor heating. That's because the air layer has an insulating effect, decreasing the heat efficiency. Glueing guarantees a more stable structure and a nicer, 'fuller' sound. It goes without saying that the glue you use should be suitable for underfloor heating.

Three to seven days after the fitting, the temperature should be increased 5°C at a time, until the desired living temperature is reached.

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