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Does your heart beat faster with a clean feeling in the house and a ton-sur-ton colour palette? Then the Scandinavian & green living style is definitely something for you. Natural materials blend seamlessly with soft tones and textures. Green details complete the look and give an extra natural touch to your home. Discover the key elements of this living style with Impermo.

Back to nature

Typical for a Scandinavian home is its natural vibe. In the Far North, people and nature are still closely connected, and you can see that in this style of living. Light floors prevail and provide a soothing simplicity in the home. An absolute classic in this style is light parquet such as the LMB Prime Polar Unifit or a pale concrete look tile such as the Tilestone Arc Bone, but did you know that cork flooring is back on track?

Cork floor is not only soft and warm to the feet but also available in many natural tones. Moreover, this type of floor is not only friendly to your budget and maintenance needs but also to nature. This way, you can highlight your love of nature. For a cork floor, no trees are cut down but only debarked. Every decade the cork tree can be reused. Sustainable and environmentally conscious? Yes, please!

The finishing touch of your Scandinavian interior? Plants, of course! A monstera deliciosa or alocasia is an absolute eye-catcher in your interior. Don't have a green thumb? Go for an all-time traditional sansevieria, a money plant or a palm.

These floors also deserve their place in your Scandinavian home:

  • Tilestone Sherwood Crema: A low-maintenance ceramic parquet with a beige-white colour shade. Also note the unique XL format of 150cm by 24.8cm. 
  • LMB Oakland Pure Herringbone T&G: multi-layered parquet that can be laid in a herringbone pattern, a real winner in the Scandinavian style.

Playing with light

Those who have travelled to Sweden, Denmark, or Iceland have no doubt noticed: the dayparts are slightly different than in Belgium. Where it can be light for about 22 hours a day in the summer, it is dark for just as long in the winter. But light is important for the mood, so the Scandis get as much light as possible into their homes. They do this by invariably opting for high windows and smart lighting, but also by using reflective elements such as mirrors and glossy tiles. Through reflection, an extra light layer is created in the house, as it were, and the space also seems larger than it is.

Scandi with a twist

Do you want to add an extra cosy touch to your Scandinavian home? Then pattern tiles are an ideal entrance, and you can take that quite literally, because these pattern tiles fit perfectly in the hall, for example. Or how about a creative vibe for your kitchen? This type of floor is constructed symmetrically so that it does not interfere with the simple and quiet Scandi style, but rather emphasises it even more.

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