Choose a terrace tile? Three tips that make your choice easier

A good start is half the work. And proper preparation prevents unpleasant surprises. Slipping due to slippery surfaces, tiles that don't survive the winter or permanent stains: those are things you'd rather avoid. Impermo shares its know-how on terrace tiles to make your choice easier. Choose a tile that matches your living experience and enjoy your terrace with confidence.

Choose the right material

Ceramic or natural stone? What are the differences? And what about weather-resistance? Make sure you choose a tile in the right material. Every tile has its own properties, so it is important to know what you care most about. You probably want a terrace that lasts a long time and a tile that is weatherproof. Do you have a weakness for the charming look of natural stone? Natural stone is exceptionally weather-resistant due to its hardness.

More interested in ceramic tiles? Impermo develops ceramic tiles that are 2cm or 3cm thick: an absolute must for a winterproof terrace. These tiles don't burst under the influence of the sometimes harsh Belgian winters. You won't have to worry about slipperiness either since all ceramic tiles get an anti-slip layer. Do you want to know more about preventing damage to your terrace? Read our blog here.

Take maintenance into account

Are you looking for a terrace floor that requires little maintenance? Ceramic tiles are not very porous, so stains don't penetrate the material quickly. This makes it easier to clean than say natural stone. Overgrown moss and other green deposits stand no chance against a ceramic tile. A quick clean with Tilestone Intensive Cleaner and you're all set to enjoy spring. Natural stone needs more maintenance, but the strength of this material is its natural look, making stains less conspicuous. So as natural stone ages and grows with the house, there will be more signs of wear. For many enthusiasts, this contributes to the authentic look of natural stone.

The perfect look of your terrace

To create a uniform sense of space, you can use the same tiles indoors and outdoors. Of course, terrace tiles have other requirements than indoor tiles. But it is possible to create uniformity. Impermo has ceramic tiles with an indoors and outdoors variant! To emphasize the sense of space, you could choose the terrace tile with a wood look - almost indistinguishable from real wood. The possibilities are endless. All materials have unique properties and create a different look. Which one do you choose?