(VINYL)LAMINATE - The difference

(vinyl)laminate - a budget-friendly and high-quality floor that you can easily install yourself.
But what exactly is the difference between laminate and vinyl laminate?


Laminate has 4 layers:

  • A base that prevents damp from rising and the deformation of panels;
  • A glued HDF board (High Density Fibre Board) of dry wood fibres compressed under high pressure;
  • A decorative layer with a drawing of wood or some other pattern;
  • A transparent wear layer that is an important factor for the durability of the laminate.

Laminate is moisture-resistant.
Mopping can be done with a damp cloth. Make sure that your floor is not completely flooded. In rooms with a lot of moisture or water, it is better to choose a vinyl laminate or a ceramic tile.

Placement on an existing floor? No problem! Place your laminate in combination with a subfloor for more moisture resistance, less impact sound and less unevenness in the floor. Keep in mind that a laminate is 7-8mm thick, excluding the underlayer that is 2 mm thick. 


Vinyl laminatealso known as Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), is a flexible and resilient PVC that is made up of several layers:

  • The bottom layer forms a buffer against rising damp.
  • On top of the bottom layer there is a reinforcing and protective glass fiber layer.
  • On top comes a decorative layer and finally a transparent top layer for protection.

A subfloor? Check.
An advantage of vinyl laminate is that the subfloor is already attached to it. This provides several advantages, such as faster installation, less impact noise, less unevenness in the floor and more moisture resistance.

100% water resistant. A vinyl laminate is 100% water resistant, so you can also place your vinyl laminate in wet rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

Ideal for renovations. Vinyl laminate (including subfloor) is maximum 5mm thick, making it extremely suitable for renovation projects. You place it on top of your existing floor and keep your existing doors. 


Both on the website and in the showrooms of Impermo you will find an indication of the quality of each laminate. This quality is indicated with an indication for use according to European standards. All (vinyl) laminates at Impermo are suitable for residential intensive use, so you can place them in any room with confidence.


Do you want to fit your floor yourself? A big advantage of (vinyl) laminate is that you can quickly and easily install it yourself. Thanks to the Q-click system, you can easily click together the different boards of (vinyl) laminate without gluing. Quickly placed and also budget-friendly! You will have plenty of time to really enjoy your new interior.

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