VYGO - Impermo takes vinyl to a higher level

Vinyl is back. Not only in music but also when it comes to floors. Compared with other materials such as parquet and laminate, vinyl has been undervalued for a very long time. The VYGO vinyl floors from Impermo do away with that outdated image.

Impermo VYGO: a breath of fresh air

With over a century of know-how and experience, Impermo decided to take vinyl to the next level. It had to be stronger, more qualitative, thinner and above all a lot more stylish. And that's how VYGO was born.

Thanks to the contemporary wooden design, VYGO floors have a warm and familiar look. The discolouration in the wood, the lifelike knots and the refined wood structure give every room an original character. The protective layer of at least 0.5mm is beautifully interwoven with the colours and natural wood drawing. With a choice of different drawings, colours and styles, VYGO fits effortlessly into every room and every interior.

The newest floor trend after laminate

VYGO's authentic wood look is a real eyecatcher and can easily compete with high-quality laminate. It's one of the most maintenance-friendly you can get: clean it with a damp cloth, and you're done! And unlike wooden floors and laminate, VYGO vinyl is very scratch-resistant.   Thanks to the easy click system, glueing is also a thing from the past. You can fit your new vinyl floor on top of every surface. Be it even or uneven, that's no problem at all. With our DIY guide and simple tools, you'll be done in no time. Fitting a floor really is child's play with VYGO!

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