VYGO - Vinyl for every room

Time for a complete transformation! Who wouldn't want a breath of fresh air, also when it comes to your floor. But a (new) start also means important choices. Each room has its own character, serves different uses, and may also have a different style. Looking for an all-round solution? VYGO offers options for every style and every room.

For every room? For every room!

Vinyl floors are entirely back, and they are stronger, more beautiful and more maintenance-friendly than ever. Trend blogs and magazines show them in corridors, studies and living rooms. Not only as smart solutions for renovations, but also as a sustainable choice for every home. They give the warm, luxurious feel of parquet without the worry and maintenance.   

What about the bathroom? There as well, vinyl is a smart choice. No more cold tiles under your bare feet when you step out of the bath, but a warm vinyl floor. VYGO is entirely waterproof and offers many creative possibilities. A high-quality vinyl floor such as VYGO can even be used as a wall covering in the bathroom! Imagine: done with scrubbing joints! 

And the kitchen? That is the heart of the house. The floor needs to put up with everyday cooking, food, life in general. That's precisely why VYGO is also very popular in the kitchen. A floor that can withstand sliding chairs (do use protective felts!), tampering kids and the occasional accident ...  With a durable vinyl floor with an extra thick top layer, al you need is a damp mop or a broom and a dustpan.

On every surface, in every project.

A new floor doesn't always have to be about dust, dirt, sweat and inconvenience. A high-quality, thin vinyl floor can easily be fitted on any type of existing floor: from screed to tiles with large joints. No breaking, no containers, no high costs. With minimal effort and without looting your bank account, you give every room a new breath. Ideal if you want to renovate or simply refresh a room.

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