In Japan, they discovered the secret of a relaxed mindset centuries ago. It's called wabi sabi. This philosophy of life embraces imperfection. With a focus on asymmetry, authenticity and nature, wabi sabi accepts that nothing remains as it is.
With the information overload and hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we can all use some wabi sabi. An interior inspired by this mindset can get you on the right path!

We are all busy, busy, busy. Our performance-oriented society disrupts our mental resilience. You can be reached everywhere, information is available everywhere. In order to counter that hustle and bustle, we all jumped on the minimalist interior trend. A minimalist interior without distraction helps us to become zen again. But keeping your interior in perfect order after a long working day? That also takes time and leads to stress. That is why wabi sabi is a bit more relaxed. Not perfect, but not cluttered either. Your linen sheets can have some creases. And let those magazines lie around on the coffee table, if that means that you can enjoy some extra me-time.

Me-time and enjoyment are possible with a walk in nature. Nature, too, is not concerned about asymmetry, imperfections or time. In fact, nature shows us that many things just get better with time. Because let's face it, an oak tree that is hundreds of years old has a stature that a young sapling simply cannot compete with.
This purity is reflected in the earthly colour palette and the natural materials used in this new interior style. Preferably in their most raw, whimsical form. Just think of burlap, wood and bamboo.

Wear and tear also make things more beautiful. It makes every item unique, because no material ages in the same way. Nothing stays as it is. Oxidation of copper results in a reddish-brown colour which, over time, becomes turquoise. Does the glaze of your coffee mug show fine cracks? That too is wabi sabi. Wear ensures authenticity, sincerity and individuality.

How your interior soothes you

It's all about knots
When you think of parquet, probably oak it the first thing that springs to mind. It is hard and durable and therefore a favourite among parquet floors. Depending on the treatment and the structure of the wood, you will immediately get a very specific peculiar effect that will be a bit rougher in one parquet than another. You literally bring nature inside.

Thanks to Mother Earth
Just like wood, natural stone is a living product. As a result, a patina will appear on your natural stone over the years. This is a natural protective layer, created from soap, water and dirt, which gives your stone a more intense colour.

A whimsical shape, you said?
The Zellige is a Moroccan handmade tile that is both beautiful and authentic. The manual production process not only creates the typical irregularities in the enamel and the edges, but also the variation in colour shades. This makes every tile unique.

Get started
Always wanted to take a pottery course? Here's your chance! A perfectly round bowl is no longer the standard. It can miss a corner or two! Or give your furniture a used look. An easy way is to apply various colours of paint and then sand the layers lightly - or a little more roughly.

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