Want to live in a classy and stylish home? Discover the polished tile

A polished tile is sanded until the surface starts to shine. This gives it its distinctive gloss. Because the gloss reflects a lot of light, the tile can create various spatial possibilities. Impermo gives you extra tips to get the best out of this unique tile.

Luxurious appearance

The brilliant gloss of polished tiles gives your floor a luxurious look and it is available in various designs. The classic marble look is one of the most sought-after choices. Because the gloss easily reflects light, dark rooms become lighter. Even the smallest space can still look big. Perfect if you want to transform a small, dark bathroom into a room where a generous spa feeling prevails. Do you want to enhance this effect even more? Then let part of the floor overflow into the wall for an extra touch of luxury. Or choose the large-size variants. XL tiles have a dimension-enhancing effect, because the larger the tile, the less disturbing joints.

Easy maintenance

Polished tiles are susceptible to stains because the micro-pores below the surface emerge after sanding. Dirt is also visible more quickly on a high-gloss surface. Fortunately, the tiles are so smooth they are easy to clean.

Fit them yourself or hire a professional?

Polished tiles are harder to fit than other tiles. It's easy to spot a tile that is just a tiny bit uneven. The shadow of the uneven tile is visible on the tile next to it. The challenge? Tight tile fitting. Fortunately, you can place the tiles with narrow joints. Because the joints are almost invisible, the space also looks classier. With the marble look in particular, it is important to create a harmonious whole. Do you want to be sure your tiles are fitted properly? Then leave the work to a professional.


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