Summer trends you can't miss in 2019

Is your interior ready for an update? With these trendy interior tips, you will be prepared for summer, and a fresh breeze will blow through your house.

Marble Mania

Marble is back, and it's trendier than ever! This 'shining stone' (derived from the Greek word 'marmaros') is like a chameleon as it easily adapts to its environment. A true all-rounder. Combining marble and dark-coloured furniture is like striking gold. The dark colours are accentuated in the grey lines while maintaining tranquillity in your interior. Keep your cool this summer with the fresh marble of Carrara Gris Saltinato or Hexagone Carrara! Looking for a touch of glamour? Marble has always had a luxurious appearance. With the polished Calacatta, a nod to classical antiquity, you are just a few tiles away from a bathroom or kitchen in a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Urban Modern

Urban Modern is made for stylish cosmopolitans. Think light colours and a simple, but elegant design. How do you create homeliness in an Urban Modern interior? Choose sober colours. Grey, anthracite or sand colours often work well together, like in our Musa collection. Combine different contemporary styles but stick to a few elements. The Urban Modernist could have a vintage coffee table with a few favourite magazines or an open cupboard that displays his or her personality. And remember: less is more! These elements come together perfectly in a warm colour scheme. In short, Urban Modern is ideal for busy city people wanting to create a balanced interior!

Hortus botanicus

Plants, plants, plants! For the trend watchers among us who want more green, there is plenty of hip and happening in the world of interior design. Small irrigation systems, design planters, moss walls, sky plants, you name it! All that's left to do is combining all these fun botanical trends into your home. The key to a green interior is a balanced colour scheme. Don't be afraid of experimenting with different colours in different parts of the space. The green-coloured background of Majolica Soft Green in your kitchen will lift up that spice rack. Sand colours are slightly more harmonious for the living room.

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