Into the garden with these summer trends

Summer is just around the corner and we are getting ready for weeks of enjoying cold cocktails and warm temperatures in the garden. No need to jump on a plane to get into summer mode. You can also transform your own garden into a true holiday paradise.

A solid base

After a busy week you want to enjoy a lazy Sunday. And what better place to relax than in your own cosy garden? You create calm through unity and the use of clean lines. In such sleek, often minimalist exteriors, you will often find a concrete look like Tilestone Village Cement as a base. This 2cm ceramic terrace tile has the look of a matte softly clouded concrete floor. This design, created by Italian designers, has incredible detail. These characteristics and its large size make it feel right at home in a sleek, contemporary design.

Unity inside and out

Is the warm weather tempting you to install a pool? Of course, you want it to be finished to perfection. With our ceramic pool borders and matching 2cm terrace tiles, your pool integrates fully into your garden landscape. A pool edge in the same material and with the same appearance as the surrounding terrace tiles creates a harmonious whole, allowing different spaces to blend into each other. The edge of the bordering stone, also called the nose, largely determines the appearance of your pool. For a sleek addition in a contemporary garden design, you choose a border whose edges are mitred with a 5cm bordering edge, such as Tilestone Ribeiro Calcita and Tilestone Cerblue Grey.

At Impermo, we found the ideal way to connect the indoors and the outdoors. We've developed a range of tiles that exist in two variants: one for inside and one for outside. Read all about it here!
One with nature

Are you more into round shapes and lounge furniture with soft cushions? They're a typical element of cottage gardens and the bohemian lifestyle. Natural materials such as rattan, bamboo and wood are also often used here. Wood not only looks soft and warm, but is also the perfect addition to all that green in the garden itself. Moreover, it blends easily with other materials, colours and different living styles. In recent years you see more and more ceramic parquet on the terrace. The range is becoming extended with different formats. Tilestone Muntaner Oak has the looks of wood in the standard tile size of 60x60cm with a thickness of 2cm, making it perfect for your patio.

Easy maintenance at its best

And, last but not least, we especially want to enjoy our garden. Cleaning and scrubbing the terrace is not particularly relaxing. Fortunately, ceramic tiles don't need a lot of that. Ceramic tiles are not very porous, so stains don't easily penetrate the material. A quick clean with Lifthofin Actiefreiniger and you're all set to enjoy the summer season.

To the range

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Need more inspiration? Discover the full range of Impermo ceramic terrace tiles.

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