Modern & minimalist

Less is more. Lovers of minimalist and modern interiors return to the essence of things and relax thanks to the open sense of space and the ample use of light. The indoor-outdoor felling is another typical element, emphasized by ceiling-high windows and continuous tiles in one and the same style and colour. In terms of materials, you should choose a combination of concrete, glass and smooth stucco. In 2020, the trend colours are a surprising greyish green and cognac. 

Add a touch of luxury to your modern home? Head to Impermo and look for a marble tile or one with a marble look, or choose a sleek ceramic parquet. Tiles that look like concrete or XXL tiles also feel at home in a contemporary interior.

Ceramic floor tiles, floortiles, concrete look, natural stone look, beige, light grey, Impermo, modern & minimalist 24,99 per m2 VAT incl.
29.99 per m2 incl.btw
Tilestone Stone Edge Ivory

Ceramic floor tiles , concrete look, natural stone look, beige, light grey, format 60x60cm

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Terrace natural stone , floortiles, granite, middle grey, Impermo, modern & minimalist 39,99 per m2 VAT incl.
Graniet Granit

Terrace natural stone, granite, middle grey, format 60x60cm

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ceramic terrace tiles , floortiles, antracite, dark grey, Impermo, modern & minimalist 34,99 per m2 VAT incl.
Tilestone Rock Basalt

ceramic terrace tiles, antracite, dark grey, format 60x60cm

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