At Impermo you will only find tiles, natural stone, parquet & laminate of top quality. Below we give some extra information about our own private label and our other top suppliers. Of course, our sales team at the 6 locations will be able to tell you more about the quality, origin and specifications of your new floor. 

Tilestone: strong private label!

IMPERMO has existed for nearly 100 years and produced tiles in the factory in Sint Truiden until 1981, where the headquarters of Impermo are still located. The engine room of the factory has now been converted into a small museum that you can visit for example on Open Business Day. Because the market changed, Impermo adapted its strategy and focused on the sale of the tiles instead of production. However, Impermo considers quality at the right price to be of paramount importance and has grown considerably in recent years. That is why Impermo has chosen to have its tiles produced at carefully selected partner factories abroad, from Germany to Spain and Vietnam. We do so using our extensive expertise: our own experience as a producer allows us to rigorously analyse the production process. As a result, Impermo controls the entire chain: from design, production according to our stringent quality requirements to packaging and sales. Not only expertise and quality distinguish our brand, but the price is also a strong asset! Because a number of intermediate links in the process disappear and because we produce large volumes, Tilestone offers you decent quality at the best price on the market.

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