The bathroom trend of the moment: minimalism

Minima-what? Minimalism! A philosophical trend that has been the talk of the town since the sixties, both in Belgium and abroad. This movement, sometimes also called the western counterpart of the Asian zen movement, originally arose as a counter-reaction to the emerging consumer society. When it comes to your interior, minimalism means getting rid of all that is superfluous and going back to basics. So, how do you do that and where do you start? Find out below.

A minimalist interior radiates tranquillity, without unnecessary things on or beside your furniture. Indeed, real minimalists are convinced that this is the only way to create a space where you can completely relax and empty your head. In other words, minimalism means that your interior contributes to more headspace, a sense of inner peace and freedom. Do you need a relaxing environment in these busy times? Of course, Rome wasn't built in one day either, and so we start with the bathroom because that's where our day often starts, isn't it?

Clean bathroom, happy bathroom
First things first: you have too much clutter, and clutter is everywhere. Want a minimalist bathroom? Then you'll have to say goodbye to some stuff. A first step is to clear all horizontal surfaces, such as the sink and the edges of the bathtub. Did you check whether you can store your perfumes in a cupboard? Do you really need three different shower gels displayed in your bathroom? What can be chucked?

Of course, minimalism goes much further. That's why it best to work systematically: try to store as much as you can and throw away the extras. First, what is in sight, then what sits in the cupboards. You may still find stuff that you completely forget you had. You'll see: after a thorough clean-up session, you'll feel much more relaxed.

"You can decorate a house very luxuriously by taking away elements instead of adding them."
-Francis Jourdain, interior designer (1876 – 1958)

More space, less stress
Create more space by choosing more neutral colours and natural tones. Under the motto Less is More you don't go for a diverse colour palette, but you prefer beige and grey tones, or just white, both for your furniture and your walls. Combined with a wooden floor or natural stone tile, you turn a busy, colourful space into a relaxing environment that breathes calm and takes your stress level down in no time.

Practical tips for the bathroom

Make more space with XL-tiles
Large tiles make the space look larger, so your bathroom will look bigger than it actually is. And that without breaking any walls, which is what you want, isn't it? The Impermo range offers the XL-tiles
 Tilestone Manhattan Light and Tilestone Shape Cement.
Create unity with small joints
If you work with tiles with small joints, you create more unity in your bathroom, because you don't divide the space into squares. This has a soothing and an enlarging effect. Ideal in combination with large-size tiles, because the larger the tile, the less joints of course!

Go natural
Do you also dream of a bathroom where you can soak for hours on end with a book or some music? By choosing a natural stone floor or wall tile, you can unwind and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature day after day. Stop by one of our Impermo showrooms and discover all our natural stone tiles.
Uniformity rules
Small joints are just one way to create more unity in your bathroom. Another tip is to choose similar shapes. Is your bath rectangular? Then go for a rectangular tile, mirror and sink.
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