A traditional cottage interior in three steps

Stay in a country house where time seems to stand still? A traditional cottage interior evokes a natural atmosphere. Typical for this style is the cosy, welcoming character that makes you want to walk barefoot all day long. Do you want to know how to create a traditional cottage interior? With the tips from Impermo, you are three steps away from your dream interior.

Search for harmony

The secret to a peaceful interior? Choose elements that fit like a puzzle. Your walls, floors and most important furniture set the tone for the rest of your space. Go for a traditional base as a starting point, such as the LMB Sedarland Antique T&G, a dark oiled oak parquet floor. The knots and cracks in the wooden top layer instantly give the space a warm look and an authentic floor. Ready to upgrade your kitchen? Choose natural stone: with the anthracite limestone Noir d'Eglise, you create a traditional look that is reminiscent of an old church building. More cottage than traditional? Lay Pierre Nero in a stretcher bond and use its bluestone appearance to create a pastoral style in your own kitchen.

Think both big and minimal

A traditional cottage interior is both spacious and straightforward. Start with the right colour palette. Earth and pastel shades are natural colours that bring out the relaxed atmosphere of this style. Create spaciousness by playing with the furniture you choose. Think open cupboards such as a buffet with glass doors or a bath with shapely legs. You can also fit a floor with a herringbone pattern: it makes every room look bigger because it draws an optical arrow to all corners of the room. This pattern has been known for centuries and can be found in palaces, among other places.  With Pecan Taupe, everyone can now get a royal floor in their house.

Don't only go for functionality, but also consider decorative details

Whatever style you go for, your interior stands or falls with the final touches. An excellent finish is, in fact, detail work. Textiles are a big part of this. Do you choose a colour palette with different shades of white? Then pick pillows and plaids in several light colours, such as pastels, too make your interior a bit more playful. A pattern tile also brings some life to a sober basis. The Paul & Jane Pattern Cambridge combines light blue with earth tones, giving your cottage interior a different twist.

Nowadays, you can find the traditional cottage style everywhere, not only in the Cotswolds! With our tips, you can recreate it in every home and with every budget!

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