Terms and conditions of sale



1. The buyer specifies the sizes and quantities of quotes and orders. He has to check the accuracy and bears the final responsibility for it.

2. The number of tiles supplied per unit of account (square metre or running metre), always and exclusively corresponds to the number supplied by the manufacturer, in accordance with the standards used by him, and charged as such.

3. Deliveries are made subject to the express reservation that colour, dimensional and structural deviations may occur between samples and delivered goods. These deviations can never be a basis for any complaints as they are specific to the production process of these materials.

4. Information about materials and price indications on website/web shop and in catalogues, folders and offers are always subject to possible printing errors.

5. The quotes are always based on daily prices.

6. The indicated prices are always pick-up prices unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

7. All materials are always sold per full packaging, unless stated otherwise. The net tiling quantity in m2 must be increased to prevent shortages due to cutting loss and/or special laying patterns.

8. The products are always sold without placement.

9. Sold product cannot be returned. However, returning installation materials such as glu, grout, profiles,... is possible per item (in unopened package) within 30 days after the delivery of your order. This is only possible with the invoice and the completed return form which can be generated on My Impermo.



1. Every order or agreement is only binding upon payment of a deposit. The value of the deposit is 21% of the total order amount unless otherwise agreed with the seller. If you wish to confirm the final date of delivery or collection, we ask you to pay the balance first.

2. Impermo nv. remains the owner of the delivered goods as long as they have not been paid, even if the buyer has processed the payment or left this to third parties.

3. Our staff is authorised to receive the amounts of the invoices.

4. No deduction for a guarantee or for any other reason may be applied by the buyer.

5. In the event of non-compliance on the due date, the invoice amounts shall be automatically increased by an interest of 1.5% per month, or fraction of the month, without prior notice of default.

6. Any change in the buyer's condition, inability, dissolution or change of company, concordat, bankruptcy, overdue payment, warrants the seller to demand guarantees or to suspend or destroy part or all of the purchase.

7. In those cases, the value of the goods already delivered of the disputed orders will immediately become due and payable, without the waiver of the indemnities, and interest, which the seller is granted by operation of law.

8. If an invoice is not paid within fifteen days of the due date, the amount is automatically and without notice of default, increased by a fixed fee of 10%, with a minimum of 100 EURO administrative costs.

9. For all disputes, including payment claims, only the Courts of Justice and the District Court of the seller's jurisdiction are competent.



1. Delivery at home only happens when the customer or a representative of the customer is personally present at the time of delivery. The delivery location must always be easily accessible to the driver and will take place on a day agreed with the customer. 

The goods are delivered in the street, at the edge of the footpath. The customer is responsible for making sure there is enough space for the delivery. The customer is also responsible for carrying the goods into his house.

2. The availability date is always communicated without commitment. No delay can give rise to compensation.

3. In the event of force majeure, Impermo nv is released from any commitment. Force majeure includes: general or partial strikes, riots, accidents, machine breakdowns, scarcity of means of transport or raw materials, fire, frost, exceptional rainy period, storm damage, flooding, at its own premises or that of its suppliers.

4. The goods must be picked up or delivered within the set term. Failing this, Impermo nv may either terminate the agreement or demand the execution of it, without recourse for damages or compensation.



1. Complaints regarding damaged materials or shortages must be reported within four working days after collection or after delivery. Do you have more than 2% of damaged tiles? Contact our customer service to plan an exchange in one of our pick-up points. Broken tiles can only be exchanged for the same reference. Exchanging for another reference or asking for a refund is not possible.

2. The guarantee on the delivered goods can only be invoked for a maximum period of 18 months after the invoice date.

3. All materials must be checked before placement. For visible defects, no complaints will be taken into account after the placement (e.g. hairline cracks, curved or convex tiles, surface defects, colour differences). The purchaser should always, before the placement, verify that all delivered boxes have the same lot number, to avoid colour variations.

4. Orders that are placed within the My Impermo environment always start from an existing document given in the showroom, which means the ‘Terms & Conditions of Sale’ are applicable. Only placement materials can be returned within 30 days. This is only possible in one of our pick-up points with the invoice and the completed return form which can be generated on My Impermo.

5. Materials ordered through the Impermo-web shop can be returned within 14 days. To do so, you should contact our customer service department. The cost for these returned products is always charged to the customer. Important! If you want to return an order, we ask you to return the entire order.

6. The buyer undertakes to use the purchased products only in accordance with the purposes and indications provided to him in the showrooms. Tiles that are used for other purposes, or that are not fitted and placed according to the applicable standards and conventions are by this fact itself excluded from any warranty.

7. Impermo nv. may require the return of defective goods. It reserves the right to replace them. The guarantee of the vendor will never go further than the simple replacement of the defective goods, to the exclusion of any other intervention, according to the contractual derogation from art.1644 of the Civil Code.

8. Any complaint about invisible defects must be submitted within three months after delivery. It will be considered unfounded when the product meets the relevant standards.

9. The tiles referred to under one of the following designations: waste, declassified, second choice, trade choice (handelskeus), inferior sorting (mindere sortering), “tout-venant”, batches, special offers and liquidation tiles are excluded from any warranty.

10. The manufacturer's specified degree of wear resistance is only indicative. With the use of floors, the installation of a floor mat to each outside exit is required. Sand, dust and hairs considerably reduce the lifetime of the top layer. When insufficient maintenance is established, every liability of the seller is excluded. The glossy top coat of some materials may lose its initial aspect when used. This phenomenon is considered to be normal and does not justify claims.

11. The frost resistance of glazed ceramics is never guaranteed.

12. The structure, colour and surface of natural stone changes over time and requires special maintenance.