It's time for a good winter clean!

We all know the spring clean... But have you ever heard of the winter clean? After the cosy month of January, filled with family celebrations, it's now time to get cleaning. During the winter you spend more time indoors than during any other season. That is why it is important to make things cosy at home and to create an environment where you can unwind and relax. So, what's the best place to start? Where should you clean now, and what things should you leave until spring? Impermo gives you some tips and tricks!

Focus on the bathroom and the kitchen
In the winter months there is a lot more moisture in the air, so ideal for fungi. That is why it is important to be thorough during your winter clean: clean even the smallest corner of your bathroom or kitchen. If needed, use a steam cleaner to make sure there are absolutely no fungi or bacteria left. Thanks to steam you also avoid the excessive use of chemical mould removers.

Do you have a natural stone or ceramic tile floor? Then use our Tilestone maintenance products: easy to use and with great results!

Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate!
More moisture indoors also means dust mites and bedbugs multiply at unseen rates. In the winter you can easily solve this by putting all your cushions, bedding and even your mattress outside for a couple of hours. Do this on a cold but dry day. The pesky creatures freeze to death and you can once again sleep without getting the jitters.

Freezing outside? Ideal to clean your freezer! Just put your frozen food outside, so you won't have to rush!

Room per room, piece by piece
Wintertime is also the ideal time to declutter your home, one room at a time. Recently, you already discovered minimalism in the bathroom and how chucking stuff does wonders for your peace of mind. So work room by room: try and store as much as possible and throw away what you no longer need. Let's be honest: no one needs 8 fleece blankets in the settee!

Do you find it hard to throw stuff away? Follow the tip of organisational guru Marie Kondo and ask yourself two questions: have you used it in the past year? Does it make you happy? If the answer to one of these questions is no, you just throw it away.

Make it cosy inside
The last, but perhaps most important tip from Impermo: make it fun! Make sure you have a standard supply of goodies in your home. When it's cold and rainy outside, you won't have to head outdoors. Also stock up on scented candles, get a soft blankie out and watch a good movie!

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