How to maintain natural stone?

Always heard that it is difficult to clean natural stone? Actually, it's all about choosing the right product. And about professional advice! That's why we'd like to explain how you give your natural stone the best possible care, so you can enjoy it a lifetime.

The first cleaning after installation
After installing and grouting the tiles, you need to give the floor one thorough clean. Mopping it with Tilestone Dirt Remover makes sure you easily remove all cement scraps, excess grout or dust. This makes the natural stone completely clean, allowing its natural colour and finish to come into its own. Don't hesitate to repeat this until the surface of the natural stone is completely clean.

Extra protection where needed
Natural stone is also an option in your kitchen. To prevent dirt and stains from penetrating the pores, it is best to apply an extra protective layer. You do this when the natural stone is completely dry, about 1 to 2 months after installation. Both Lithofin MN Stain Stop and Lithofin Stain Stop W are perfect to do just that. Been a bit clumsy and left a stain? Immediately mop it with a damp cloth and that's it.

Weekly maintenance for a beautiful floor
Before treating your natural stone with Lithofin Stain Stop, it is best to use Tilestone Natural Stone Cleaner for your weekly clean-up. Just add a splash to a bucket of water and make the surface slightly damp. No rinsing needed. This maintenance product cleans but it doesn't leave an extra nourishing layer on your floor. As a result, the Stain Stop will be able to fill the pores of your natural stone and protect it against penetrating water, fat and oil for years.

Avoid scrubbing thoroughly with plenty of water. A soft mop with a damp cloth and an adapted product work wonders.

Over the years, your natural stone will get its own patina, a natural protective layer. The patina is part of the natural stone and only makes it more beautiful. The maintenance of your natural stone also has an effect on the patina. After having used an impregnating agent, you can start nourishing your natural stone. Fortunately, our Lithofin MN Gloss & Clean does both. Regular maintenance strengthens the floor's patina, increases its gloss and colour and cleans at the same time.  Never ever use acidic cleaning products. They can cause dull or pale stains when they come into contact with the lime in your natural stone.

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