Ceramic pool border for a perfect finishing

Summer's around the corner, and we are getting ready for weeks of cold cocktails and warm temperatures. No need to jump on a plane to get into summer mode. You can also transform your garden into a true holiday paradise.

Unity in the garden

To hide the rough edges of a swimming pool, standard swimming pool borders are often used. Unfortunately, they never fully match your terrace tiles. If you want to create one harmonious whole, you choose a pool edge in the same material and with the same look as your surrounding terrace tile. Your swimming pool then flows seamlessly over to your patio or terrace, where you'll just sit back and relax for a few hours of holiday time at home.

There's something for everybody.

To make it easy for you, Impermo has a collection of 2cm ceramic terrace tiles with matching swimming pool borders in 3 different finishes. The edge of the bordering stone largely determines the appearance of your pool.
For a sleek addition to a contemporary garden design, you choose a border whose edges are mitred with a 5cm bordering edge. A bordering stone with a straight edge also works with a modern pool. The pool border of the Tilestone Beton Grey collection has a concrete look in XL size with a light structure that fits perfectly in a minimalist garden environment.
The 180° rounded nose is an excellent addition to a rural garden. Especially when you choose the look of bluestone, such as Tilestone Belgian Black.

Your benefits

Not only is there a wide range of ceramic swimming pool borders, these tiles are also practical! A ceramic pool border is very maintenance-friendly. Some water and a broom, and the dirt is gone. Sunscreen stands no chance thanks to the non-porous properties of ceramics. Afraid one of the children would slip? Not to worry: the anti-slip surface finish protects them from falling. There's nothing to stop you to enjoy a summer of fun by your pool.

Or maybe natural stone?

There's also a nice range in natural stone to edge your pool. Fans of bluestone are spoiled for choice with the pool borders and edges of Hanoi Bluestone Artisan Select and Beijing Bluestone.

Into minimalist design? In that case, Graniet G654 is your go-to solution. The non-slip effect is achieved by heating the surface with a flame thrower. Due to the temperature shock, the tile will flake slightly, and particles will come loose from the surface.


When you need to clean natural stone, you can use Lithofin outdoor cleaning, but make sure it doesn't end up in the pool water.

To product range

Need more inspiration? Discover the full range of pool borders by Impermo.

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