TREND – Colourful pattern tiles

Pattern tiles bring the atmosphere of yesteryear back to life.
They are frequently used in Flemish mansions, and you can also find them in Moroccan riads.
Are you going to choose a traditional colourful pattern, or would you rather have a black and white design?
Pattern tiles can be used in a multitude of interior styles, including contemporary, design homes.


In 1950, Impermo started producing colourful cement tiles, by mixing cement, colour pigment and marble powder in a mould. A mould ensures the distribution of the different colours that constitute the pattern. On top of this top layer, a mix of water, cement and sand is laid, after which both layers are pressed together under high pressure.

Would you like to enjoy the authenticity of real cement tiles? You're bound to find your choice in the patters of peaceful colours of the Trocadero range. This range has both minimalistic and playful patterns, on top of a large choice of both calm and vibrant colours. There's something for everybody.


To make a ceramic pattern tile, clay is pressed, glazed and baked at a high temperature in an oven. In contract to a real cement tile, a ceramic pattern tile is not porous. Because of this, it is extremely easy to maintain, stain-resistant and suitable for wet rooms.

We are happy to present to you our exclusive Paul&Jane collection of ceramic pattern tiles. The Paul & Jane collection brings the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque with its colour tile patterns back to life. The luxurious look of rich interiors combined with the ease of maintenance of a ceramic tile explain why Paul&Jane deserves its place in the spotlights in your home.

Are jigsaws not your cup of tea? Salsa is a range of 60x60cm tiles with the look of 20x20cm pattern tiles. You'll be completely up-to-date, still enjoy optimal fitting.

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