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Do you sometimes surf for hours on end on Pinterest looking for bathroom inspiration? Let's admit it, Pinterest bathrooms are real gems! Always on trend and with something to cater for all tastes. Do you want to make your bathroom completely Pinterest-proof? You can, with these Impermo tips. 

White whiter whitest  
Everything dazzling white. One of the Pinterest trends that you certainly have come across. From white floor tiles and wall tiles to white bathroom furniture. A feeling of space is key. Choose as many white or transparent materials as possible. Looking for a unique white wall tile? How about our Mermaid White Glossy, Chevron White Glossy or our 
Tilestone Wind White? Perfect for a bathroom that can use some dynamics. 

Black is back  
Undoubtedly number one on Pinterest: black fittings. A black faucet gives your interior an instant luxurious look. It creates a subtle on-trend statement. In addition to black fittings, chrome fittings are back with a vengeance. Up to you! Looking for a perfect addition to your black fittings? Our Tilestone Smart Drain shower drain in matte black is the perfect addition to your Pinterest-proof bathroom. 

Ceramic parquet for a touch of warmth  
Is your bathroom a bit boring and monotonous? Create depth and a little warmth by playing with natural materials such as wood. How do you do this? Give your bathroom a quick makeover with ceramic parquet. It is easy to place and also brings some natural wood in your bathroom. Our Tilestone Ecowood Timber White is a good choice for your bathroom if you like a subtle touch of wood. Do you want to combine the wood and concrete look? Then our Tilestone Calcada Cotton is perfect for you! 

Closer to nature 
You can't do without plants in a Pinterest-proof bathroom. This literally brings your bathroom interior to life. Bathing surrounded by plants is not only soothing, but also functional. Plants purify the air and make sure you don’t get fungi in your bathroom. Tip: choose plants that do well in humid areas such as an aloe vera plant or a sanseveria. Otherwise, your new green bathroom accessories will not survive that long.  

Less is more  
Would you like to create a luxurious Pinterest look in your bathroom? Then throw out all bathroom accessories (except your plants). Because the more accessories, the messier. Can't miss your bathroom accessories? Then opt for minimalism and sleek shapes. Looking for a sleek floor and wall tile? Then choose our Tilestone Shape Cement.         

With the feet off the ground 
Make your bathroom more spacious? Follow the Pinterest trend of floating furniture. Wait, move everything up?  What about your bathtub? LED lighting underneath creates the illusion your bathtub floats. Old-school bathtubs on clawfoot pedestals are also back in fashion.  

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